Future Plans (Short/Mid-Term Goals):

  • Documentation: Add more documentation/help files and make the website more user-friendly
  • Profile Search: Add more search options
  • Profile Upload: Support for additional logging software (possibly Cropster, Typica, etc.). Want to have Artisan working really well first.
  • Groups (Calendar?): Start utilizing groups. For example, an Event group where people can mention events (HB Roast and Learn, HukyForum competition, etc.). Maybe a calendar of events too?
  • Chat (IM): Possibly add some type of live chat for members (maybe even one that has a phone app?).


Change Log:

  • 7/28: Added Puerto Rico to the country list
  • 7/11: Small updates to roast details in roast view
  • 6/19: Additional roast details in roast view
  • 6/17: Small tweak to Social Feed post on upload
  • 6/17: Zimbabwe added to Country list and glitch fix if specific condition not present during upload (thanks Johnny/PrayerHouseCoffee for reporting)
  • 6/15: Workaround hack for IE so it properly displays the graph in the roast details view
  • 6/13: Upload enhancements, additional roast details, and misc glitch fixes
  • 6/10: Open registration (open beta) now available
  • 6/9: Roast profile view (details) enhancements
  • 6/7: Search/Edit roast profile enhancements
  • 6/1: Edit profile upload enhancements
  • 5/31: Profile sharing enhancements (share with World/Everyone)